About us


My lifelong passion for the natural world led me to study biology, followed by a master's in ecology and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. As a hobby, I kept aquariums for most of my life, being fascinated by the interactions between fish, plants, and invertebrates (such as snails or shrimps). After researching the workings of the natural world in detail, I decided to move forward and help other people enjoy the wonder of nature, by creating mini-biospheres. I was intrigued by the fact that the mini-biospheres create their own cycles of water, gases, and nutrients, being almost self-sustaining (as opposed to aquariums, which need constant human intervention in order to be stable). I hope I can get people interested in learning about how every living creature plays its own part in the ecosystems since it is my belief that the more we know about nature, the more we will be willing and able to protect it.



My dream of contributing to a sustainable world in which plants, animals and humans live in harmony led me to obtain a master in Sustainable Resource Management with focus on Forestry and Agriculture. Forests landscapes facinate and enchant me and I want to share them with people in the form of forest terrariums. Like this we can always have a piece of forest in the office or at home!