Here you can find information on how to care for your closed terrarium (mini-biosphere)

Does it need watering?

Left closed, the mini-biosphere needs no water for at least 6 months. If you notice the soil is getting dry, you can spray water a few times as shown in the video.

Does it need light?

As with any plants, the plants inside the mini-biospheres need light to survive. However, the terrarium should not be placed in direct sunlight (in this case the temperature inside can get too high). A place 1-2 meters away from the window would be ideal. Alternatively, you can place it in a dark spot, but under a lamp or spotlight (some biospheres come with their own LED light integrated). In this case, they are very decorative and light up a dark part of a room lifting the mood up and turning it cozy.


Does it need air?

The mini-biospheres do not need air and can be kept closed. The plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, and the oxygen is used by the decomposers when they breathe. The decomposers produce carbon dioxide which is used by the plants through photosynthesis. There is cycling of gases inside the systems.



What kind of substrate do you use?

At the bottom of the mini-biospheres there is a layer of rocks, in order to provide drainage for the excess water. The substrate is a mixture of potting soil, sand and charcoal (the charcoal limits the development of mold). Extra nutrients for the plants are continuously provided by the decomposers.



Does it need fertilisers?

Due to the presence of decomposers, the mini-biosphere does not need fertilizers. The biospheres contain springtails and/or isopods (small insects and crustaceans), that feed on mold and dead plant matter. Their waste provides nutrients for the plants.


Will I see the decomposers?

Most of the time, the decomposers will hide in the substrate. The springtails might climb on the glass and the isopods might climb on the plants to feed on mold or dead leaves.



How do I clean my glass-garden?

If the glass gets dirty, you can clean it easily as shown in the video, using a small stick and a piece of cleaning sponge.

Why do I have mist on the glass?

The glass gets misty when there is a temperate difference between the inside of the glass and otside, coupled with the high humidity inside the mini-biosphere. This is normal and will not affect the plants since they are used to high humidity conditions. If you want, you can open the lid to reduce humidity (but then the mini-biosphere will require more frequent watering). You can also place the mini-biosphere next to a cold wall, and then the mist will form in the back and not  on the front glass.


Do the plants need cutting?

For our mini-biospheres we choose plants that do not grow too fast. According to your preference you can let it develop by itself or you might want to cut back some of the plants every few months. This can be done easily with a scissors as shown in the video.