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How to make a terrarium, the fastest and easiest way

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Here you find all you need to know on how to make a terrarium, the fastest and easiest way. If you would like to make a terrarium, but are afraid that it might take forever, you came to the right place! Although a large terrarium requires a lot of time, effort and patience to make, you can also easily make a small terrarium in just a few minutes. Plus, you might already have the things you need around the house. Since it does not need soil, such a terrarium can be a fun little project to do with kids.

What you need

For the easiest and fastest way to make a terrarium you only need a jar, clay pebbles, and humidity-loving indoor plants. For instance, I used a spider plant (Chlorophytum) and nerve plants (white and red Fittonia). In the case of the spider plant, I used one of the plantlets that the main spider plant readily produces. I took cuttings from the Fittonia, because I know they will survive due to the high humidity environment of the terrarium and eventually make roots.

How to make a terrarium

To make the terrarium, first lay a layer of clay pebbles, then add the plants, starting with the bigger ones at the back and finishing with the small ones at the front. After that, spray with water and you are done!  If you want to see a video on how to do it, click on the image of the terrarium.

Note: Since the plants do not have soil, it will be best to add liquid fertilizer to the water. In case you have an aquarium, you can use water from the aquarium and the plants will be very happy. For example, I water all my plants with aquarium water and I do not need to use any fertilizer. To be clear, this easy terrarium will not last as long as a mini-biosphere containing all the layers and decomposers. It should, however, be happy at least for a few months. Most importantly, it will be very satisfying to make.

You can keep the terrarium (see our tips for maintenance) or give it to someone you love as an original present!

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